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  • scout 50 dragbag

    AIM Scout Mat

    Due to popular demand, the Scout Combination can now be purchased separately!

    The roll-up mat has a waterproof underside and opens to provide an extra large area for prone shooting.  It has flaps to further increase this space.  With flaps folded the mat provides 69” (176 cms) x 27.5” (70 cms). With flaps extended this increases to 80.5” (205 cms) x 40.5” (103 cms).  There is a textured section for non-slip rifle positioning.  The mat can be clipped easily onto the PALS webbing or be carried via a shoulder strap or via the webbing handle.

    To make a complete set, the Scout Mat can be connected to the Scout 50 Dragbag to make the Scout Bag/Mat Combination.

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  • tactical cheekpiece

    AIM Tactical Cheekpiece

    The AIM tactical cheekpiece is a must-have item for any shooter.

    Made from heavy duty Cordura, the cheekpiece sits saddle-like over the rifle butt and secures by two adjustable velcro straps. On one side is a zipped pouch for small items, such as lens cloths, mobile phone and ammunition. The outer skin of the pocket is velcro-covered and two ammo clips are supplied that just stick onto this as required (one bullet clip is made to suit 308 and above and the other for 223 downwards).

    The Tactical Cheekpiece has a raised cone, giving better head/eye riflescope alignment. On heavier calibre shooting, the Tactical Cheekpiece absorbs some of the recoil sting and has smooth, neoprene-style material for comfortable cheek contact.

    This new addition to the AIM range has been designed to fit standard sporter and target rifles and shotgun stocks. It is not suitable for stocks with adjustable cheekpieces.


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  • FT-100 Dragbag

    FT-100 Dragbag

    Specifically designed for larger rifle combinations where extra capacity is important, this bag measures 48″ (122 cms) long by 15″ (38 cms) deep. Field target rigs will fit comfortably into this incredibly deep purpose made dragbag.

    Not only that, but there are even larger external pockets than the ones that can be found on our other dragbags, allowing field target shooters to carry more kit with them to the range. Pair that with specially spaced, comfortable shoulder straps and this is the ideal field target dragbag.

    Available in Olive.

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  • aim dragbag raincover

    Tactical Dragbag Raincover

    Waterproof raincover designed to fit the AIM 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and Folding Stock drag bags without obstructing use of the rucksack shoulder straps.
    This is a useful accessory that fits over the drag hood and under the base of the bag to guard against rain and mud. Fit it in seconds without the need to tighten straps etc. After use, the raincover packs up small and can easily be put into a coat pocket.
    Available in Green.

    PLEASE NOTE: The “Large” sized raincovers will fit AIM 50, 55 and AIM 60 drag bags. The “Small” sized covers will fit the AIM 40 and 45 and Folding Stock drag bags.

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