Vince Bottomley


  • World Benchrest Championships
  • UKBRA Team Member:
    • Italy 1999
    • New Zealand 2001
    • Sweden 2003
    • USA 2005 (Top 20)
    • Austria 2007 (Top 20)
    • France 2011 (Top 20 & Team Bronze medal)
  • European Benchrest Championships:
    • Spain 2004 (Indv. Bronze medal & Team Bronze)
    • Sweden 2006
    • France 2012 (Team Bronze medal)
  • Former British Benchrest record holder at 1000 yards and 600 yards.
  • UKBRA Hall of Fame Member
  • 2010 European F Class Championships – 3rd Place FTR

“If you travel overseas to shoot, then using equipment you can depend on is absolutely essential – that’s why I build all my own rifles and rely on Aimfield Sports products.

I got my first Aimfield Sports drag-bag way back in 2006 and, unbelievably, I’m still using it today – though I’ve obtained a couple of others along the way.

Although my first love is benchrest - I shot in my first World Championships in Italy in 1999 - I also enjoy F Class competition and tactical shooting where Aimfield bags and mats are pretty much an essential part of my kit.”

Mark Bassett


  • 7 x Welsh series Champion
  • 7 x Welsh grand slam Champion
  • 7 x Welsh masters Champion
  • 2010 Welsh open Champion
  • 2018 BFTA European Champion
  • 2019 BFTA Grand Prix series Champion

“I have been competing in field target shooting for nearly 30 years and apart from the rifle and scope one of the main pieces of equipment required is a good case to carry the rifle in. Mainly to transport to and from the location of the competition but also for me personally to carry the rifle and further equipment around the competition course.

Over the years I have tried various soft cases or bags but the only bag I have actually purchased and stuck with for many years has been the AIM Field Sports drag bags. The first one I purchased would have to have been close to a decade ago if not longer and still have the same bag today. I have since bought more but that to put various rifles in when being used.

The bag of choice for myself is the AIM40 as my rifles seem to fit in the bag just right. I have used the bag to transporting to and from competitions all over the United Kingdom and have never had any issues when checking the rifles over afterwards. I have taken the AIM40 to foreign countries as well to use whilst transporting the rifle in a hard flight case and never had an issue, just shows the quality of the bag from the quality material used and the rigidity of the bag during transportation.

The bags are rugged enough to be constantly used and not break. Mine are in constant use at least 3-4 times a week and will continue to be used.. The side pockets are a great help as they hold all my extra equipment such as pellets, chronograph, cleaning kit plus loads more and for myself are hugely beneficial.. During competition I keep the rifle in the drag bag in between lanes of targets and know it is safe. One of the unique parts of the AIM40 bag is that it will stay stood up even when you remove the rifle from the bag. A great help to put the rifle back in and take out.

After many years of competing I will always say that the AIM drag bags are the best out there and my personal choice for carrying my rifle and equipment.”

Dave Ramshead


  • 2019 BFTA Championships (FT) - 1st place
  • 2019 European HFT Championships - 1st place
  • 2019 British Air Rifle Championships FT class - 1st place
  • 2019 British Air Rifle Championships HFT class - 1st place
  • 2019 British Air Rifle Championships - Overall champion
  • 2019 World HFT Championships - England Team 1st place (as team captain)

"I have been using Aim products for the past 9 years now, my gear gets used on a weekly basis rain or shine, in fact it gets used in some pretty grim weather conditions where if we had more sense we wouldn't be out in it.

The Aim 40 bag has been super versatile over the years fitting all bar one of the gun's I have owned. In terms of depth, length, pockets, plus carrying versatility in the form of shoulder straps and overall build quality its one of the best shooting accessories you will ever buy. Considering the bag's age and frequency of use / abuse, it looks in brilliant shape, free from fraying, splits, rips etc and all the zips continue to work faultlessly. Overall a great addition to the shooting kit.

The Aim Range Mat. At 8 years old, my original mat was showing signs of old age! Bear in mind that my mat is always offered for my shooting partners I get paired with to use on competitions, so gets used by hundreds of people over it's life. I decided to replace my original mat this year and was pleased to see that Aim had upped the quality even further in the form of a heavy duty backing which looks like a great solution to stop the backings splitting when being repeatedly folded.

Great products, from a great company!"

Richie Jones


  • GB F/TR Rifle Team & Lapua 101 Captain
  • Northern F-Class Championship
  • Numerous GBFCA Stage Golds
  • Consecutive end of season (F/TR) Top 10 rankings in Great Britain

"As a shooter, it's natural to be mindful of rifle damage or a loss of zero from an accidental knock in the field, in storage or during transit to an important competition. With my “go to” AIM 60 Tactical Drag Bag from AIM Fieldsports, it's no longer a concern and I get peace of mind from knowing it was designed by shooters, for shooters and manufactured to the highest possible standards with an unrivaled level of durability, usability and strength that will protect my firearms and optics throughout a life time of rigorous use.

With my AIM bag's comfortable shoulder straps, padded foam interior, strong adjustable internal and external buckle straps and large pockets with heavy duty zips, I know my prized firearm and the large amount of additional kit I can pack within it will remain securely in place, protected, and right where I need it. This enables me to transport my firearms from A to B and straight onto the firing point with the confidence that my first rounds down range will count. This has given me an edge over the years and certainly attributed to an array of shooting awards both nationally and internationally"

Des Parr


  • National league champion '14 and '15
  • European Champion 2014
  • Set 800 yd record in 2015
  • F-Class Open Championships

“John Dean's Aimfield Sports products speak for themselves really - they are ubiquitous now; the standard by which all others are judged. After I started using the Aimfield shooting mat, I noticed how sturdy and stable it was; this resulted in an immediate and noticeable improvement in my shooting. My scores increased significantly and I went on to win the National League twice, the European Championships and set a new 800yd record.

I also use the Aimfield drag bag - it is particularly useful at Diggle where one often has to carry all the kit. The sheer number of shooters using these bags bears ample testimony to their good design and manufacture.”

Andy Calpin


  • British Masters
  • Showdown
  • Welsh Open
  • Euskadi Open (Spain)
  • GP Series
  • World Championships
  • European Championships
  • BFTA Championships

“We spend a small fortune on kit so it deserves to be protected by the best , AIM bags give me piece of mind.

I’ve tried umpteen different rifle bags & nothing comes close to the aim bag. Being a very careful (ahem) Yorkshire chap even I daren’t risk putting my pride & joy into an inferior gun bag. Get an AIM bag and sleep contently!”

John Costello


  • 2013 Spanish open winner
  • 2013 Field Target World Champion
  • 2013 2nd in European Field Target Championships
  • 2017 3rd in World Field Target Championships
  • 2019 Field Target World Champion
  • 2019 2nd in European Field Target Championships

“I've used the same bag from Aim for the last 7 years and taken it all over the world and it still looks brand new. Its never failed and has more than enough room to take everything you need for a full day's shooting, it's definitely a key bit of kit that I would never go without.”

Dorian Falconer


  • World Championships- 2nd x2 a 4th 5th 7th x2 8th and 10th
  • Winner of the “Not the worlds” (Competition run in the UK for shooters unable to attend the World Champs)
  • European champs 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 10th - Inside the top 15 6 times
  • Winner of the BFTA Champs NEFTA Classic Anglo American
  • BFTA GP Season numerous wins including x2 at wins Bisley with a 2nd overall
  • 1st FT shooter to 100% a summer season wining all 8 shoots in wales
  • Welsh Team Captain 9 times
  • Member of the Welsh Team for the last 20 years
  • Welsh Summer and Winter Champion
  • Manufacturing Teams - Sports Marsh, Daystate , Walther

“I was lucky to win my 1st AIM bag from the NEFTA CLASSIC been told by lots of FT shooters they were the best. Now I own most gun cases and my wife loves the fact I have a spare room but with in a month of wining one I own an AIM 50 for my FTP and have never looked back. The bags where clearly designed by shooters for shooters. Even the cover slip to stop mud on the bottom of the case is so well made there’s simply no other slip for my guns”

Joe Melia



“I have used aimfield sports products for many years and the Mats keep me very dry and comfortable when shooting prone. The Drag Bags protect my rifles while travelling and on Range. In my opinion they are the best available.”

Adam Bagnall


  • 2 x GB F class league FTR Winner
  • Shot for team GB for 10 years
  • Currently shooting for Team Lapua

“I cannot praise Aim Field Sports products enough, I have several AIM bags and an AIM mat, one of the bags I have had for over 10 years now and have never had any faults in all that time i.e. zips and fasteners. I stuff it full of all my range kit, it gets thrown in the boot of my Landrover and has been dragged on tour with me, more times than I can count. I would recommend their products to anyone who is a serious shooter.”

Julie Bagnall


  • 2 x Winner of the European Rutland Teams event from the European F Class Championship in FTR
  • Currently shoots for Team Lapua

“I started competitive shooting in 2015 and have only ever used AIM products. I started using the AIM bag but did have difficulty finding my rifle bag at one European Championship event as there was so many AIM bags on the firing point! I now identify my AIM bag with the pink flower I have added to the handle! I find the rifle bag really easy to carry and it is comfortable to wear like a rucksack around the range. The plastic cover on the AIM mat is really handy for keeping any paperwork dry, this is where I keep my elevation information data.I find the after sale service very friendly and John Dean is especially knowledgeable. I would recommend Aim Field Sports Products”